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Rapito (Kidnapped): The Abduction of Edgardo Mortara – a film review

Review of an Italian movie based on a real story involving the abduction of a six-year-old boy from a Jewish family under papal authority, based on an outrageous belief that a secret baptism performed by a fourteen year old minder of his when he was an infant meant he must be raised a Catholic.
Italy - Perfect Strangers poster

Perfect Strangers – film adaptations

The 2016 Italian film Perfetti Sconosciuti, by director Paolo Genovese, has broken records for the number of film adaptations in other languages. We explore what makes it so universally appealing that it has inspired so many film adaptations of this contemporary piece about relationships and the secrets we sometimes harbour between friends and lovers.
Tianjin Binhai Library

The architecture of libraries

In this piece, I focus on libraries, looking comprehensively albeit not exhaustively at a broad range and selection of atheneums around the world; each of which may serve a particular social or academic purpose for a specific time and context. Or they could just be a visually inspiring, beautiful, or stunning environment in which

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