Maestro – a review of the movie

As a big fan of Leonard Bernstein, his music and a fellow gay man as well as an amateur musician, I approached this highly anticipated movie with certain expectations, albeit trying my best to keep an open mind.

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Three social commentary movies

Three of the recent movies I watched share a similar theme of social realism. They use real situations in daily struggles of the working class to shine a light on how broken our socio-political and power systems are.

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Perfect Strangers – film adaptations

Italy - Perfect Strangers poster

The 2016 Italian film Perfetti Sconosciuti, by director Paolo Genovese, has broken records for the number of film adaptations in other languages. We explore what makes it so universally appealing that it has inspired so many film adaptations of this contemporary piece about relationships and the secrets we sometimes harbour between friends and lovers.

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The Bear Season 2 – TV series review

We absolutely loved Season 1, and so approached Season 2 with much anticipation and enthusiasm when it finally dropped. Having devoured all 10 delectable courses over three sittings, I can say that this was another exquisitely presented degustation meal that did not disappointed. With a formidable cast led by chef Carmen Berzatto (Jeremy Allen White), the family of characters whom we first became acquainted with in Season 1 took us through another totally engrossing and fulfilling tasting meal served up by creator/director Christopher Storer with much style, spice, intensity, drama and lots of heart!

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Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story – TV series review

Queen Charlotte poster

As an antidote and reluctant nod to the royal circus before us, we instead opted to spend the weekend watching the latest installment in the Bridgerton TV franchise. After all, if myth, fantasy and frivolous costumed entertainment were to be imbibed, then why not the alternative narratives confected by Shondaland and Netflix instead?

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Beef – TV series review

What a wild ride this was; another unexpected gem of an intensely engaging TV mini-series from production house A24 which has given us a long list of brilliant films ad TV shows. Although centred on an East Asian social context in LA, the story is universal.

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